March 9–11, 2018

Gates open at 9am!



Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby – Saturday, March 10th

Required Forms

Driver Meeting

Entry Form

Moss Vale Show Demolition Derby Rules and Conditions


Vehicle Types: Sedans, Station Wagons, Utes, Panel Vans accepted

All drivers must be 17 years or over and hold a current driver’s licence which must be shown to the scrutineers.




Rules and Safety

  1. All drivers must attend the drivers meeting and be alcohol breath tested before derby.
  2. A.S. Approved helmets, overalls and full shoes or boots must be worn.
  3. All drivers must wear a seatbelt.
  4. No full chassis vehicles eg, Hilux utes.
  5. No 4WD vehicles or All Wheel Drive vehicles or Minivans permitted.
  6. Fuel tank must be mounted in the centre of the rear floor and secured with steel straps and must be bolted or welded in place. Preferably a steel plate mounted over the transmission tunnel and the tank mounted on the flat surface and braced to prevent movement.
  7. The original tank can be used if in front of rear wheels.
  8. Steel boat tank or proper steel jerry can is acceptable.
  9. Fuel tank must have no movement when fitted.
  10. No Tek screws to fasten straps – only bolts or welds.
  11. No nylon straps to hold fuel tank in.
  12. Install rubber grommets on fuel lines where they pass through the body.
  13. Original fuel tank must be removed or have holes punched in it if tank is behind rear wheels.
  14. Battery must be relocated to the front passenger floor and securely fitted with metal brackets or in a battery box and covered with rubber.
  15. Large bolts and washers must pass through steel battery hold down bracket and floor.
  16. Original battery J bolts will not be accepted.
  17. A steel cross bar must be inserted between the B pillars. A minimum 40mm steel pipe with 100x100x6mm plate welded at each end. The plate must then be welded or bolted to the car, bottom of window level.
  18. Bonnet: Bonnets must have the locking latch removed, then chained with 2 or 3 chains.
  19. Driver’s Door: Must be painted bright red with a clearly visible white diagonal cross. No sign writing permitted on door. Optional personal protection, driver’s door only can be fully welded and have a steel bar inside the door bearing on pillars.
  20. Cars must display allocated numbers. Numbers must be a minimum 400mm high
  21. Cars must have all glass, badges, interior, door handles, mud flaps and air bags removed. No broken glass inside the car or boot.
  22. All doors, bonnet and boot must be chained with a minimum chain no less than 6mm x 30mm link chain.
  23. No reinforcement allowed except that stated in rule 11.
  24. Vehicles must be fitted with road tyres (No mud, snow, 4WD or tractor tyres).
  25. No towbars allowed. Complete tow bar must be removed.
  26. No team colours or names allowed.
  27. Driver side windscreen to have mesh welded to car approximately half the size of the original windscreen. Driver’s door to have mesh welded to it with the equivalent of a quarter window left open.
  28. Radiator to remain in original position.
  29. No computer modifications allowed. Car must have original standard computer.
  30. No modifications to rev limiters
  31. A length of dowel or conduit with a 300 x 300mm white flag attached and placed through windscreen mesh and into dash. Flag must be above roof line.
  32. A fire unit will be located at the gates to the Main Arena, in the event of a fire or unsafe condition you will be signalled and are to stop immediately. Failure to stop will see you being disqualified. Once safe the race will resume.
  33. No substitute drivers allowed.
  34. No entries are considered final until all monies are paid and completed entry forms and indemnity form are returned.
  35. Entries subject to the discretion of the committee
  36. Cars will be scrutineered on show day. Failure to strictly comply with the above rules and conditions will result in you not being allowed to compete.
  37. “I don’t know” is not an excuse if you are unsure of anything – ask prior to show day. Contact Troy on 0413 682 445 for any rule you are not sure of.
  38. Please read the rules thoroughly because there will be no exceptions to the rules.
  39. The judge’s decision is final.
  40. All cars must be at the Showground, entering through the Bowral Road Gate by 2:00pm – NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are not there by 2:00pm, you will not be permitted to enter the Derby.