March 9–11, 2018

Gates open at 9am!





Chief Steward – Mr Neil Parker (48 771 264)

Entries can be posted to:

Mr Neil Parker
42 Sydney Street
New Berrima 2577

Written Entries accepted until Monday, March 14, 2017.

All entrants must sign a waiver. Entry fee is $1.00 and entries will not be accepted without fee payment. Fees payable to Moss Vale and District A, H & I Society Inc.

Entry Form

Animal Waiver


  • Exhibitors shall accept the decision of the judge or judges appointed by the committee.
  • The judge will not award prizes to exhibits that are not considered to possess sufficient merit.
  • Junior entrants will be not be eligible for best bird in show.

Judge: Colin Ford

  • All birds to be penned by 9 am and are not to be removed before 3:30pm
  • There will be no penning the night before the Show
  • The Show will be conducted by the Members of the Moss Vale Poultry Club

The Moss Vale & District AH & I Society would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to Moss Vale Poultry Club, Southern Highland Taxis & Bowral Co-op for their support of the Poultry Section.

Explanation of Terms

AOC: Any other colour
AOV: Any other variety
OEG: Old English game
D/L: Dark leg
L/L: Light leg

Prize money: 1st $2, 2nd $1, 3rd wins a card

Awards & Prizes

A Champion Card will be awarded for each breed

Poultry & Waterfowl Awards Champion Bird in Show$100 & Ribbon
Champion Waterfowl of the ShowLarge Ribbon and $15 donated by Moss Vale Poultry Club
Champion Soft FeatherLarge Ribbon and $15 donated by Moss Vale Poultry Club
Champion Hard FeatherLarge Ribbon and $15 donated by Moss Vale Poultry Club
Champion Soft Feather BantamLarge Ribbon and $15 donated by Moss Vale Poultry Club
Champion Hard Feather BantamLarge Ribbon and $15 donated by Moss Vale Poultry Club
Champion Soft Feather Breed PairRibbon
Champion Hard Feather Breed PairRibbon
Champion Waterfowl Breed PairRibbon
Junior ChampionRibbon and $10 donated by the Moss Vale Poultry Club

Cash specials donated by Moss Vale Poultry Club
Major Sponsors – Bowral Co-op & Southern Highlands Taxis

Section – Big Fowl Soft Feather

Class NameClass No.Class No.
Langshan1. Male2. Female
Australorp3. Male4. Female
Orpington5. Male6. Female
Leghorn White7. Male8. Female
Leghorn AOC9. Male10. Female
Rhode Island11. Male12. Female
Ancona13. Male14. Female
Plymouth Rock15. Male16. Female
Silkie17. Male18. Female
Sussex19. Male20. Female
Hamburg21. Male22. Female

Section – Any other variety soft

Class NameClass No.Class No.
Feather23. Male24. Female
Breed Pair25. Soft Feather Big Fowl26. Big Fowl

Section – Big Fowl Hard Feather

Class NameClass No.Class No.
OEG Black Red L/L27. Male
OEG Partridge D/L28. Female
OEG Black Red L/L29. Male
OEG Partridge or Wheaten L/L30. Female
OEG Duckwing31. Male32. Female
OEG Pile33. Male34. Female
OEG Blue Red35. Male36. Female
OEG Brown Red or Orange Red37. Male38. Female
OEG Any Other Colour39. Male40. Female
Indian Game Dark41. Male42. Female
Indian Game Jubilee43. Male44. Female
Australian Game45. Male46. Female
Game AOV47. Male48. Female
Breed Pair49. Hard Feather50. Big Fowl

Section – Bantam Soft Feather

Class NameClass No.Class No.
Pekin Black51. Male52. Female
Pekin White53. Male54. Female
Pekin AOC55. Male56. Female
Plymouth Rock57. Male58. Female
Wyandotte White59. Male60. Female
Wyandotte AOC61. Male62. Female
Rosecomb63. Male64. Female
Australorp65. Male66. Female
Sussex67. Male68. Female
Orpington69. Male70. Female
Frizzie71. Male72. Female
Langshan73. Male74. Female
Rhode Island75. Male76. Female
Leghorn White77. Male78. Female
Leghorn Black79. Male80. Female
Leghorn AOC81. Male82. Female
Japanese83. Male84. Female
Ancona85. Male86. Female
Sebright87. Male88. Female
Belgian89. Male90. Female
Soft Feather AOV91. Male92. Female
Breed Pair93. Male94. Female

Section – Bantam Hard Feather

Class NameClass No.Class No.
Modern Game Pile95. Male96. Female
Modern Game Black Red97. Male98. Female
Modern Game Duckwing99. Male100. Female
Modern Game AOC101. Male102. Female
OEG Black Red L/L103. Male
OEG Clay or Wheaten L/L104. Female
OEG Partridge L/L105. Female
OEG Black Red D/L106. Male
OEG Partridge D/L107. Female
OEG Spangle108. Male109. Female
OEG Duckwing110. Male111. Female
OEG Blue Red112. Male113. Female
OEG Blue Tailed Wheaten114. Male
OEG Pile115. Male116. Female
OEG AOC117. Male118. Female
Indian Game Dark119. Male120. Female
Indian Game Jubilee121. Male122. Female
Australian Game123. Male124. Female
Game AOV125. Male126. Female
Australian Pit Game127. Male128. Female
Breed Pair129. Hard Bantam Feather
Waterfowl Muscovy130. Drake131. Duck
Khaki Campbell132. Drake133. Duck
Rouen134. Drake135. Duck
Pekin136. Drake137. Duck
Indian Runner White138. Drake139. Duck
Indian Runner AOC140. Drake141. Duck
Mallard142. Drake143. Duck
Aylesbury144. Drake145. Duck
Elizabeth146. Drake147. Duck
Any Other Variety148. Drake149. Duck
Breed Pair150. Water Fowl

Junior Section

Class NameClass No.Class No.
Big Fowl Soft Feather151. Male152. Female
Big Fowl Hard Feather153. Male154. Female
Bantam Soft Feather155. Male156. Female
Bantam Hard Feather157. Male158. Female
Waterfowl159. Drake160. Duck