Moss Vale Show

March 12–14, 2021

COVID safe logo Moss Vale Show


Office Bearers

2018-2019 Management Committee:

President: Mr Neil Parker

Vice President: Mr Philip Gove

Secretary: Ms Hayley Rennie

Treasurer: Ms Nicola Robson

Public Officer: Mr Geoffrey Strickland

Executive Committee: Mrs Laurelle Boland, Ms Meredith Lawson, Ms April Love, Mr John Maloney, Mr Samuel McGrath.

Showground Co-ordinator: Mr Philip Gove

Assistant Showground Co-ordinator: Mr Stephen Smith

Honorary Life Members

Mr W J Pedley-Smith, Mr N H Hicks, Mr M Lytton-Hitchens, Mr J Utting, Mr R McKenzie, Miss J Green MBE OAM, Mr A Aynsley, Mrs G Aynsley, Mrs C O’Keeffe, Mr J Aynsley OAM, Mrs A Luyken, Mrs Joan King, Mrs Margaret Hughes.

Moss Vale Show Society would like to thank our many sponsors, judges, stewards and volunteers throughout the year – without you, the show would not go on and we are truly appreciative of all you do.